The Most Effective Ab Workout Ideas to Do without Leaving Home

Most effective ab workout ideas are at your disposal, to do during these uncertain times when we have no idea when we will be able to leave our homes. Try them!

Now, beyond achieving a specific goal, such as having a flat stomach, the most important thing is to try to stay active and reduce sedentary lifestyle as much as possible. In this way, we will not only keep fit, but also promote our well-being. You dare?

Most effective ab workout ideas

When we talk about abdominal training, most people imagine a flat and marked stomach. However, beyond this, working the muscles of this part of the body is beneficial for health.

According to information published in Harvard Health Publishing, strengthening core muscles, including the abdominals, helps improve balance and stability. In addition, it contributes to reducing back pain, promotes posture and reduces the risk of injury.

So, what better than to take advantage of this quarantine time to train the abdominal area and obtain these benefits. Unlike other muscle groups, the abdomen can be worked every day, even to complement other types of routine. Start now!

Russian twist

The Russian twist is a must-have exercise in abdominal training. In fact, it is a common activity among athletes, as its regular practice helps with torsional movements and improves agility when having to change direction. It is also good for increasing the flexibility and strength of the core.

Abdominal bikes

Something to consider with this and other abdominal exercises is that they do not serve to burn belly fat.

However, abdominal bikes help improve muscular endurance, not only in the abdomen, but also in the lower back. So, as long as it is done correctly, it can help prevent ailments like low back pain.

Quick climbers

Ab workout can be optimized with cardiovascular exercise. In this way, we find activities such as fast climbers, whose movements also help work the cardio. Exercise strengthens the abdominal area and also benefits the lower body.

It is important to do it at a constant rate and not to force the posture too much. Also, it is necessary to avoid raising the buttocks too much, since it can cause tension in the lower back, resulting in pain. Ideally, focus the effort on the leg muscles and core to get the most out of it.

Kicking hands under the buttocks

This abdominal exercise is low impact and can be useful as a complement to prevent low back pain. Despite its simplicity, it helps to strengthen and tone the central muscles of the body. At first, you can do it for about 15 or 20 seconds, then, by gaining endurance, you can be extend it for up to a minute.

How to complement this abdominal training routine?

It is important to make clear that this home abs workout should be done consistently. As we have mentioned, it can be done every day to have better results. On the other hand, it is convenient to combine it with cardiovascular exercises and directed towards other parts of the body. The more complete the routine, the better.

Also, considering the risk of sedentary lifestyle, you must pay special attention to diet. Following a healthy, balanced eating plan that meets nutritional needs can contribute to maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding other health problems. Recall that inactivity is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, as some studies suggest.

So, go ahead and do this abdominal training at home and look for other ways to be active during the period of isolation. Maintaining these types of habits is key to physical and mental well-being. Do not forget!

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